Blocks Magazine issue 60 out now

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Here's the press release:

This month sees Blocks magazine Issue 60 take readers behind-the-scenes of LEGO Overwatch before showing readers how to enhance the new City Space sets.

Blocks magazine takes readers inside the LEGO Group’s design offices in Billund to find out the secrets behind the sets. Design Manager Marcos Bessa stops by to talk about bringing some Disney magic to LEGO 71044 Disney Train and Station, before Model Designer Woon Tze Chee reveals everything a fan could want to know about the development of the new-this-year Overwatch theme.

Mod Squad takes a brick separator and some extra pieces to the recently released LEGO City Space sets, adding more authenticity and detail to the models. It is the perfect project for anyone who wants to really put their minifigures through NASA space training.

The Review section gets in-depth with Harry Potter, this month’s cover star, analysing every one of the new sets that were conjured up this year. There is also a detailed look at 71044 Disney Train and Station and a LEGO Ideas double bill with 21318 Treehouse and 21319 Central Perk.

When it comes to creating a beautiful living space that can also accommodate way too many bricks, Irenne Bondar is an expert – to help fans with their own projects she shares her tips for interior design, LEGO style.

In the continuing look back at the LEGO Group’s history, Blocks has reached the 1950s. This month sees Godtfred Kirk Christiansen embracing plastic as the future and releasing the Ferguson Tractor toy – a decisive moment in the company’s story.

Photography expert Rob Damiano reveals the secrets of minifigure clean-up, a vital part in the process of snapping great LEGO pictures. With both physical and digital tools at his disposal, he reveals how to make sure the hairs and dust disappear in finished shots.

There is plenty more besides in Issue 60, with regulars including Technique, Month in MOCs, Retired Piece, Brickpicker and Brick Wife, plus all-new features within Month in LEGO, the regular round-up of everything going on with the beloved brick.

To get Blocks magazine delivered to your door every month visit and check out the subscription deals available.

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By in United Kingdom,

I don't use anymore as half the articles aren't real articles but ads for this magazine....
Thankfully we still have Brickset doing a great job!

By in United Kingdom,

You're thinking of brick fanatics - a different magazine.

By in United Kingdom,

Ah yes your right my mistake, I honestly thought there was only one Lego based publication going still. I have no interest in the mags really so I don't think I'd noticed I was seeing two separate mags being advertised.

Criticism stands of brickfanatics, just wasn't relevant lol :-)
My bad

By in Canada,

I'd be interested in buying, but even the digital subscription I feel is way too much money. $20 USD per year would be a much better price point for a digital subscription imo.

By in United States,

Any idea where to get a copy in the US?

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