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These are the sets that have been viewed the most this week:

1275252 Imperial Star Destroyer5550
2440432 Rebuild the World minifigure4889
3110267 Gingerbread House4401
41275192 Millennium Falcon2446
5342110 Land Rover Defender2441
6560061 Airport Fire Truck2439
71010030 Imperial Star Destroyer2205
810264 Corner Garage2166
9970505 Temple of Light1903
1040353 Reindeer, Elf & Elfie1843

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By in United States,

We've almost removed the70505 from the list!

By in United States,

People keep looking at the rebuild the world figure to try to find out what in the world it is.

By in Australia,

And the minifigure has gone. Was it ever a set, or did Brickset agree to host part of the advertising campaign for a set duration?

By in Canada,

What’s so special about that fire truck?

By in Latvia,

So, the Temple of Light is almost destroyed, but now we have Airport Fire Truck!

By in Canada,

The Temple of Light will never be defeated!

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