What's hot this week

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These are the sets that have been viewed the most this week:

1275257 Millennium Falcon3565
2142100 Liebherr R 98002926
3375256 Kylo Ren's Shuttle2913
4540362 Battle of Endor2759
5475255 Yoda2312
6875254 AT-ST Raider2182
71075252 Imperial Star Destroyer2129
8642110 Land Rover Defender2020
91175248 Resistance A-wing Starfighter1990
10975249 Resistance Y-wing Starfighter1860

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By in United Kingdom,

The set that shall not be named isn’t in the top 10! Almost exclusively Star Wars

By in United States,

Tis the season of Star Wars.

By in United States,

Ummm... pardon me, sir. But where, pray tell, is the inexorable Temple of Light?

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