Friends Advent Calendar - Day 4

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I think we might have hit the cuteness peak early with yesterday's penguins - I think that qualifies for one of the cutest builds we've seen in a Friends advent calendar. However, while penguins are reminiscent of winter, we haven't had a build yet that's particularly evoked the season. Will that change in Day 4?

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Well, while not outright holiday-like, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Today's build checks off two boxes: having a cute Friends animal and a build that reminiscent of the winter holidays. Here we have one of the Friends hamster riding a winter sleigh. The bar at the back allows this to be hung, though the poor hamster will be facing downward - not something you necessarily want to do on a sled! I do like the use of ice skate blades for the sled runners, and this build does include some typical Friends colours in pink and purple.

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Four skates, that's a good harvest for today. Not a huge fan of the cartoony animals that Friends and subsequent offshoot themes like to use, but I'm sure the target audience loves it.

Now if only this came with as many spare skates as the Clickets 'build' today. Holy greebling, Batman!

By in United Kingdom,

This is the first year in a few years we haven't picked up the Friends calendar. I'm not regretting the decision so far.

By in Australia,

^ The Friends calendars have usually tended to be hit and miss. Just wait until a bag of assorted cutlery shows up. Because there's always one.

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