Brickset Puzzles #2

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Following several days of many set announcements and seismic news, we have created some brand new Brickset Puzzles!

You can view our latest teasers, along with the answers to those from last week, after the break...

Answers for Brickset Puzzles #1

Gathering here to celebrate, one decade range of real estate.

A: 10255 Assembly Square

Mechs representing light and shade, fighting over an Aeroblade.

A: 70737 Titan Mech Battle

Cyborg minion's mountain escape, jetpack chase with chopper-like shape.

A: 8631 Jetpack Pursuit

Three sacred stones are homeward bound, on swerving tracks beneath the ground.

A: 7199 The Temple of Doom

One thousand years in blue and white, outstanding speed exceeds the kite.

A: 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

Find the missing set:

A: 10221 Super Star Destroyer

The solution here could be found by focusing upon miniature vehicles which accompany three of these sets. 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer contains a miniature Tantive IV and 10143 Death Star II includes a miniature Super Star Destroyer, hence the missing set is 10221 Super Star Destroyer which contains a miniature Imperial-class Star Destroyer.


Riddle 1:

  • Robotic shark the waves traverse, deployed by LEGO in reverse.

Riddle 2:

  • Meeting place before adventure, resident there signs indenture.

Riddle 3:

  • Anything but the dinosaur, instead afford this famed raptor.

Riddle 4:

  • Two years following dark fortress, an ancient monarch in distress.

Riddle 5:

  • Maintaining cars with German tones, with engines stripped back to their bones.

December seems likely to be extremely busy so we may not have an opportunity to publish further puzzles every week. However, we certainly hope to publish some during next month so keep an eye on the homepage for them.

Good luck!

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By in Australia,

Riddle 1 was lovely, but one of my favourite themes ... and now I'm absolutely stuck on the other four. I like these.

By in United Kingdom,

OH DANG IT xD That missing set one is so obvious when you know what to look for, but I didn't even *think* that might be the connection. And the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon one... I interpreted the 'one thousand years' clue to mean I was looking for something futuristic; so I ruled out Star Wars on principle, since it claims to be set in the past. I only caught on to my mistake a few hours after I'd submitted my answers, when I glanced at them again.

Again: well played, Brickset. Well played.

As to the new questions... at first glance, riddle 2 is the only one that I'm sure of; though I imagine that with further browsing I'll find answers to some of the others too ^^

By in United States,

I know 1 and 2 off the top of my head, the others are a little harder...

By in United States,

I got all of last week's puzzles right except for the fifth one. Now it seems so obvious!

By in France,

thought 3 was 8971. maybe it doesn't have any jetpack. but it has a chopper. and an actual physical mountain.
had no idea for 5, was looking for some sort of kite or glider.

By in United States,

I thought 5 was an Avatar: The Last Airbender set. Aang was stuck in an iceberg for a hundred years, matching the blue and white in the question, but 100 instead of 1000.

By in United States,

Got 2 right off (fantastic set, by the way)--the others I think are doable, a little easier than last week's.

By in Germany,

Last week's were a blast, I had everything correct. Hope this one will be easier.

By in Australia,

The Kessel Run Millenium Falcon was the one that got me. All the others were fine, but I thought the missing set was actually the 10234 Y-Wing Starfighter. I was thinking of UCS sets. Dang.

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