Jurassic World minifigure pack available at IWOOT

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5005255 Jurassic World Minifigure Collection has been hard to find in the UK but it's now available exclusively from IWOOT, bundled with a Jurassic World themed Christmas T-shirt, for £14.99.

We reviewed the set back in March. The three minifigures in it are all exclusive and it's the cheapest way to get hold of Ian Malcolm.

Don't forget to check out the range of Brickset merchandise while you're there.

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By in United Kingdom,

This is not quite true. It is not exclusive to IWOOT. Zavvi also has it, with Jurassic Park branded clothes. Of course, Zavvi owns IWOOT (or vice versa, they are both part of the same group) but the Zavvi offer gives a bit more choice. It was free on any JP T-shirt purchase last week, but this week they have upped it to £20 worth of merch.

By in United States,

Hey I've seen this one before

(or was the last article talking about it coming up? I can't remember)

By in United Kingdom,

It was the Christmas jumper bundle,which I've got. it was a £20 bundle with the Lego JW bricktober pack.

By in Germany,

Cool offer. Just bought the kids' version of this T-Shirt for our younger one.
She's indeed a "clever girl" after all ;-)

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