Exclusive Catawiki auction ends today

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The exclusive LEGO auction at Catawiki comes to an end this evening so there's still time to place your bids to secure some great lots, including:

You can view all the items in the exclusive auction, view every lot in the both auctions on our Catawiki page and, if you have items to sell, take a look at the guide to selling at Catawiki to find out how to get your items listed.

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By in United Kingdom,

No Black Friday discount I assume :-)

By in United Kingdom,

How much was Cafe Corner when it was first released? £99?
Now it is 10x that in 10 years. Not a bad return.
I kind of wish I hadn't thrown away the box for mine. But overall I think I would rather play with it.

By in Netherlands,

Good luck bidding on the Cafe Corner.
Please remember that if you place the winning bid you are charged 9% extra by Catawiki. So, if the final prize is € 1200 you'll have to pay € 1308 plus a whopping € 80 for shipping within Europe which is completely crazy. I don't know any country in Europe where registered, tracked and insured shipping will cost that amount. When you're outside the EU you have to pay € 120 for shipping (also crazy) but apart from that, you also have to pay for import taxes, which can add another € 200 to your purchase in this particular case.

@Huw, I know you didn't like my previous critical posts about one of your partners that generates an unknown amount of income for Brickset, but please reconsider your cooperation with Catawiki by at least stating in every Catawiki post that the final amount can be 40% more than the auctioned price.

When buying from Catawiki you must know that in the end you will have to pay 20-30% more than the auctioned price.

Why am I posting this? I learned this the hard way myself. (Auction price € 180, paid € 256, this was in my own country).

By in Sweden,

I have to agree with @dutchlegofan50 that stated shipping costs on Catawiki are often downright ridiculous. I can perfectly fine live with the 9% fee; I know that beforehand and (try to) calculate that in, and in the end they need to make some money somewhere as well. But if somebody asks for 30Euros or (much) more to ship a single box / set across Europe, that's just not tolerable (either that person tries to make a profit that way, or their local delivery services need to be boycotted)

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