Review: Instructions for Jennifer Clark's JCB JS220 Track Excavator

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Jennifer Clark has been making excellent Technic models for over a decade and I had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing some of them back in the early 2000s.

She's recently teamed up with Eric Albrecht to produce instructions for one of her most popular, the JCB JS220 track excavator, which can now be purchased from Crowkiller's website for just $20.

The 164 page PDF is in two sections. The first 40 pages give an in-depth technical introduction that compares functions and features of the real excavator with the model. It's well illustrated with some great colour photos.

The rest of the PDF consists of the instructions, all 500 steps of them, which have been rendered at a high resolution to enable them to be printed successfully.

It's a complex model which features pneumatics and electrics and is built using studded technic beam methods. The instructions are on a par with those created by LEGO so constructing it should be straightforward enough once you've mustered up the required 1700 parts, most of which are commonplace.

Here are a couple of spreads, showing a page from the introduction and one from the instructions, which shows the parts inventory:

JCB220 instructions excerpt JCB220 instructions excerpt

If you have an interest in Technic and/or diggers this is a worthwhile purchase, even if you don't actually build the model: there's a lot to be learned about how to approach modelling a real-life machine, and how to translate it into Technic.

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By in United Kingdom,

Thanks very much for sharing this @Huw, as a big Technic fan this looks like a great build :) BL here we come

By in United Kingdom,

I'd be interested to know the cost of parts for the build...

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