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This week, we are returning to the theme of Sci-fi Space with the XS-SP33D Fireball. This is a build by Blake Foster, who has some of the best fictional space themed projects on Cuusoo. His Octan in Space even got a Cuusoo Staff Pick this week.

The thruster-to-ship ratio is perfect for this sci-fi "muscle car" concept. I really like his use of the skies rounding the thrusters and use of "metal detectors" to add more connections with the cockpit. The use of the red flags to visually connect the snotted thruster shroud together is brilliant.

Really greebly LEGO spacecraft, so popular at Cons, just can't seem to make any headway on Cuusoo. The most supported fictional spacecraft without IP, The Manticore, is barely above 500 support.

Meanwhile there are many projects for "castle" and "city" that are well above that. I have a theory that part of this is because people have some collective idea of what modern and fantasy/historical sets should look like, but everyone has their own opinion about what the future holds and they are more swayed by their personal sense of style in these matters. My point on this? Well, don't expect to get very far on Cuusoo with an IP free spaceship unless it is seriously awesome.

Blake Foster has quite the collection of impressive space builds under his belt. He even has a few technical marvels as well, which can all be seen at his personal web site.

Previous Pick

LL1012-12 NCS-Speeder by T.Oechsner

A Week of Cuusoo

This week, I had two picks, the first being the Iron Man Hulkbuster with its inspired use of the "hero-factory" Iron Man chest plate. My other favorite project this week is the Apollo Guard - Imperial Mecha Unit which I find slightly reminiscent of Warhammer 40k armor (though I am sure many will disagree). Either way, very good week for anyone who likes Bulky power armor for their minifigs.

The Liebherr LTM 1070 boom crane is another fine offering. Internally it utilizes a rather ingenious collection of elements and seven motors to drive and operate the crane but the visually shell is fully actualized in more traditional LEGO rather than Technic elements.

My review of these projects, a showcase of all the projects that came out in the last week and a few other ramblings about Cuusoo and crowd sourced / funded projects can be found here.

MAN! That is a lot of Red and Grey pictures!


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By in Canada,

I love the detail on the engines. :D

By in United States,

It's too bad the Fireball project itself only has one of those photos posted. It would benefit from showing potential supporters the other angles.

You have a point about sci-fi on Cuusoo. Very few non-IP sci-fi projects get very far (heck, few non-IP projects of ANY kind get very far). The main sci-fi exception, of course, was Space Marines, which reached 10,000. Galaxy Command has a similarly passionate fanbase, albeit without a large number of supports so far.

Based on those, it would seem the way to go with non-IP sci-fi projects on Cuusoo is to develop a larger, coherent backstory and multiple models, which makes it a more imaginative and interactive experience for supporters.

I'm not sure if the problem is people having their own idea of what sci-fi "should" look like. After all, Space Marines' uniquely chunky designs were different than what people might ordinarily expect out of sci-fi. And if we're including the Exo-Suit as a sci-fi project, then that definitely shows people will support the right greebled project.

By in United States,

The Interesting fact, and proof of the non-IP thing, is that league of legends has passed 9000 supporters.
and I do like that model, but it seems similar to the Atlantis Typhoon Turbo Sub.

By in Germany,

I have to say I'm with Modok on this one and not with Glen. If you think everyone has a collective idea of what historical stuff must look like, then look no further than... at the actual historical stuff around the world. Does it all look the same to you? Thought so.

More to the point, though, I could take it one step further and make the exact opposite argument. Not just *for* the originality of historical sets, but *against* the allegedly oh-so-original spaceships.

Barely do I ever see really original spaceship designs. In fact most are frighteningly similar. The basic concept is almost always: left-right symmetry, a canopy in the middle, tail stabilizers (what for, pray tell, in the vacuum of open space?), often some sort of wings or engines mounted to both sides of the fuselage, and/or exhausts on the back. And, of course, your-collection-of-long-LEGO-elements-of-choice protruding to the front to represent weapons. Absolutely uninspired.

When was the last time you saw a spaceship MOC that was a dodecahedron, say? Or even just something like the Borg cube, or the Discovery One, or at the very least Serenity (still quite original in a number of respects)? Not these exact ships, but something of that level of originality. Something that really sticks out, and not just for simply using part X instead of part Y for the run-of-the-mill element Z common to a zillion other MOCs that won't stop coming day after day after day.

You want something original? Google "Rutan Boomerang". I'll wait. And that's an actual aircraft, flying today. Not even a spaceship. Now tell me how many people ever come close to thinking outside the box like that with LEGO. Heck, nobody even tries to recreate this existing plane in LEGO, except for Rutan's very own son.

Now, castles, on the other hand! Everyone's idea of a castle is different. No two castles look the same. Joe's is so unlike Fred's!

See, the argument works just as well the other way round.

In fact, being serious for a moment, perhaps that really *is* the reason nobody votes for spaceships with no third-party IP. Without an IP to provide a backstory, they all look too similar to too many people, and there is no shortage of them, and there is no shortage of official spaceship sets to begin with, and anyone can MOC a spaceship in twenty minutes, out of whatever parts they've got.

By in United States,


By in United States,

Blake is a professor of SNOT. His stuff looks even more impressive in person. He is one of if not I LUG NY's most spacey builder. It is a shame that he dismantled his Manticore!

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