Rebrickable inventory for 10812-1: Truck & Tracked Excavator

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DesignImageQtyColourPart name
12592c021BlackDuplo Car Base 2 x 4 with Fixed Axles - 27.5 Yellow Wheels and Black Tires
133551BlackDuplo Plate 2 x 3 with 4 Studs and Hinge
40662Bright GreenDuplo Brick 1 x 2 x 2
34372Bright Light OrangeDuplo Brick 2 x 2
219962Bright Light OrangeDuplo Digger Bucket Arm Double with Locking Ring
15454pr00011Dark AzureDuplo Car Body Truck 4 x 4 Flatbed with 4 Top Studs - Grille and Headlights Print
406661Dark Bluish GrayDuplo Plate 2 x 4
255481Dark Bluish GrayDuplo Plate 4 x 4 with 16 Studs and Hinge
34372Dark OrangeDuplo Brick 2 x 2
34372Light Bluish GrayDuplo Brick 2 x 2
24911c011Light Bluish GrayDuplo Car Base 4 x 8 with Four Black Wheels and Yellow Hubs
2318c021Light Bluish GrayDuplo Flashing Light - Trans-Orange
512691Light Bluish GrayDuplo Shovel / Spade with 'D' Handle
219971OrangeDuplo Digger Bucket - Small with Locking Ring - 4 teeth
47202bpr00071OrangeDuplo Figure with Construction Helmet Orange, with Orange Vest over Blue Long Sleeve Shirt, Light Flesh Face and Hands, and Dark Bluish Gray Legs
10111pr00331OrangeDuplo Figure with Headset and Cap Yellow, with Orange Vest over Green Shirt with Red Sleeves, Light Flesh Face and Hands, and Blue Legs
920051OrangeDuplo Turntable 4 x 4 Base, Flush Surface
42025pr00031WhiteDuplo Brick 1 x 3 x 2 Triangle Road Sign with Construction Worker Print
241791YellowDuplo Cab 4 x 4 x 3 [Plain]
256001YellowDuplo Caterpillar Chassis/Base Assembly
140941YellowDuplo Dump Truck Bed 4 x 4 x 2 (Tipper)