Rebrickable inventory for 1291-1: Power Bike

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DesignImageQtyColourPart name
65534BlackTechnic Axle 1.5 with Perpendicular Axle Connector (Technic Pole Reverser Handle)
37054BlackTechnic Axle 4
37063BlackTechnic Axle 6
320133BlackTechnic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #1
324492BlackTechnic Beam 1 x 4 Thin
47161BlackTechnic Worm Gear
321932BlackWheel Full Rubber Flat with Axle hole
37491Light GrayTechnic Axle Pin without Friction Ridges Lengthwise
37132Light GrayTechnic Bush
32123a2Light GrayTechnic Bush 1/2 Smooth with Axle Hole Reduced
36471Light GrayTechnic Gear 8 Tooth
65362YellowTechnic Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular
6538b1YellowTechnic Axle Connector Ridged [with x Hole x Orientation]
320391YellowTechnic Axle Connector with Axle Hole
66322YellowTechnic Beam 1 x 3 Thin
32310pb031YellowTechnic Block 3 x 5 x 1 2/3 with RoboRider Power Print