Rebrickable inventory for 3327-1: Intelligent Train Station

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DesignImageQtyColourPart name
2092c011BlackDuplo Train Base 4 x 8 for Intelligent Train, with Battery Compartment
423981BlueDuplo Wheeled Bag / Suitcase
63772Dark GrayDuplo Train Track Straight (short)
41961Medium BlueDuplo Plate 6 x 12
314652Medium BlueDuplo Tile Special 4 x 6 with Studs on Edge
423981Medium Dark PinkDuplo Wheeled Bag / Suitcase
41702011[No Color/Any Color]Cardboard Background for Set 3327-1
31213pr00022RedDuplo Brick 2 x 4 x 2 Curved Top with Clock Print
64782RedDuplo Chair with 4 Studs and Squared Back
424061Trans-BlackDuplo Train Passenger Car Canopy
423871Trans-Light BlueDuplo Train, Intelligent Train Smart Tile with Reverse Arrow Print
34372Trans-YellowDuplo Brick 2 x 2
423911Trans-YellowDuplo Train, Intelligent Train Smart Tile with Train Engine Print
34372WhiteDuplo Brick 2 x 2
419784WhiteDuplo Brick 2 x 2 x 2 with Vertical Grooves
423971YellowDuplo Train Passenger Car Body
420941YellowDuplo Whistle (For Humans) with 4 Studs and Latch