Rebrickable inventory for 3350-1: Three Minifig Pack - City #1

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DesignImageQtyColourPart name
24471BlackHeadwear Accessory Visor For Standard Helmet
24471BlackHeadwear Accessory Visor For Standard Helmet
970c001BlackLegs and Hips [Complete Assembly]
61581BlackMinifig Neckwear Helmet Breathing Apparatus
973px9c011BlackTorso Police Leather Jacket, Yellow Star Badge Print / Black Arms / Black Hands
38351BlackWeapon Axe
30223BluePlate 2 x 2
305673BlueTile Special 6 x 6 x 2/3 with 4 Studs and Embossed 'CITY'
970x0261Light GrayLegs and Black Hips
973pb0251c011Light GrayTorso Fire Shirt with 2 Red Pockets and Red Belt Print / Light Gray Arms / Black Hands
4142696pb11Royal BlueDisplay Card - Axel
4142696pb21Royal BlueDisplay Card - Fred
4142696pb31Royal BlueDisplay Card - Paula
24471Trans-Light BlueHeadwear Accessory Visor For Standard Helmet
24471Trans-Light BlueHeadwear Accessory Visor For Standard Helmet
3900p011WhiteEquipment Signal Paddle with 'POLICE' Red Line Print
970c001WhiteLegs and Hips [Complete Assembly]
4485pb021WhiteMinifig Cap Long Peak with EMT Star of Life Print
38341WhiteMinifig Helmet Fire
2446px21WhiteMinifig Standard Helmet with 'POLICE' and Red Line Print
973px168c011WhiteTorso EMT Star of Life, Open Collar, Pocket and Pen Print / White Arms / Yellow Hands
3626bp041YellowMinifig Head, Black Sunglasses and Standard Grin Print [Blocked Open Stud]
3626bpb01031YellowMinifig Head Soccer Player / Hockey Player, Brown Hair, Thick Arched Eyebrows and Stubble Print [Blocked Open Stud]
3626bp021YellowMinifig Head, Standard with Red Lips, Eyelashes Print [Blocked Open Stud]
38381YellowMinifig Neckwear Airtanks