Rebrickable inventory for 60163-1: Coast Guard Starter Set

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DesignImageQtyColourPart name
879941BlackBar 3L
879941BlackBar 3L
192202BlackEquipment Radio [Extended Handle, Expanded Speaker Grille]
970c001BlackLegs and Hips [Complete Assembly]
30201BlackPlate 2 x 4
922802BlackPlate Special 1 x 2 [Top Clip]
644501BlackRoll Cage 6 x 4 x 3 1/3
973pr3785c011BlackTorso Wetsuit with White Logo, Lime Sides and Zipper with Cord on Back Print, Lime Arms, Yellow Hands
876974BlackTyre 21 x 12 with Offset Tread Small Wide and Center Band
970c001BlueLegs and Hips [Complete Assembly]
37102BluePlate 1 x 4
30201BluePlate 2 x 4
301621Dark Bluish GrayEquipment Binoculars
30231Dark Bluish GrayPlate 1 x 2
37952Dark Bluish GrayPlate 2 x 6
30311Dark Bluish GrayPlate 4 x 4
145181Dark Bluish GrayShark Body with Three Gill Slits
87587pr00011Dark Bluish GrayShark Head with Rounded Nose with Black Eyes Print
3747b1Dark Bluish GraySlope Inverted 33° 3 x 2 [Connections between Studs]
970c001Dark RedLegs and Hips [Complete Assembly]
113031Dark RedMinifig Cap Short Curved Bill with Seams and Hole on Top
973pr3784c011Dark RedTorso Coast Guard Wetsuit with Orange Panel and Coast Guard Logo and Zipper on Back Print, Orange Arms, Yellow Hands
36222Light Bluish GrayBrick 1 x 3
112111Light Bluish GrayBrick Special 1 x 2 with Studs on 1 Side
638682Light Bluish GrayPlate Special 1 x 2 with Clip Horizontal on End
61572Light Bluish GrayPlate Special 2 x 2 with Wheels Holder Wide
42862Light Bluish GraySlope 33° 3 x 1
6014b4Light Bluish GrayWheel 11 x 12 with Hole Notched for Wheels Holder Pin
903971LimeSports Surfboard Standard
30101OrangeBrick 1 x 4
30202OrangePlate 2 x 4
60751RedSports Surfboard [Long]
859741Reddish BrownMinifig Hair Mid-Length with Part over Front of Right Shoulder
973pr3787c011Sand BlueTorso Coast Guard Female Shirt with Buttons, Pockets, White Belt and Badge Print, Sand Blue Arms, Yellow Hands
879911TanMinifig Hair Tousled with Side Part
30231TanPlate 1 x 2
39581TanPlate 6 x 6
30231Trans-YellowPlate 1 x 2
30052WhiteBrick 1 x 1
302365WhiteBrick Special 1 x 2 with Handle
4079b1WhiteMinifig Seat 2 x 2 with Center Sprue Mark
446741WhiteMudguard 2 x 4 [Headlights Extension]
239502WhitePanel 1 x 3 x 1
37101WhitePlate 1 x 4
30201WhitePlate 2 x 4
155731WhitePlate Special 1 x 2 with 1 Stud with Groove and Inside Stud Holder (Jumper)
15068pr00191WhiteSlope Curved 2 x 2 x 2/3 - Coast Guard Logo with Blue Waves and Life Preserver Print
4476b2WhiteSupport 2 x 4 x 5 Stanchion Inclined [5mm wide posts]
24311WhiteTile 1 x 4 with Groove
3829c011WhiteVehicle Steering Stand 1 x 2 with Black Steering Wheel
303401YellowEquipment Flotation Ring [Life Preserver]
3626cpr22241YellowMinifig Head Chan Kong-Sang, Dual Sided, Eyebrows, White Pupils, Scared / Lopside Smile Print [Hollow Stud]
3626cpr19651YellowMinifig Head Female Eyebrows, Glasses with Thick Edge, Peach Lips [Stud Recessed]
3626cpr03891YellowMinifig Head, Smirk, Stubble Beard and Moustache and Sideburns Print
978951YellowMinifig Neckwear Life Jacket [Centre Buckle]