Rebrickable inventory for 6437-1: Beach Buggy

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DesignImageQtyColourPart name
970c001BlackLegs and Hips [Complete Assembly]
60154BlackTyre 21 x 12 with Offset Tread Small Wide
302771BlackVehicle Base 2 x 8 x 1 1/3
303221BlueAntenna 8H Whip with Flag
44851BlueMinifig Cap Long Peak [Plain]
973pb0237c011BlueTorso Rescue Coast Guard Logo, Nametag, White Collar, Zipper Print / White Arms / Yellow Hands
301621Dark GrayMinifig Binoculars
46231Light GrayPlate Special 1 x 2 with Arm Up [Horizontal Arm 6mm]
303401OrangeMinifig Flotation Ring [Life Preserver]
40831RedBar 1 x 4 x 2 with Studs
3068b1RedTile 2 x 2 with Groove
3829c011RedVehicle Steering Stand 1 x 2 with Black Steering Wheel
61412Trans-Neon GreenPlate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud
4081b2WhitePlate Special 1 x 1 with Clip Light [Thick Ring]
6014a4WhiteWheel 11 x 12 with Hole Round for Wheels Holder Pin
30101YellowBrick 1 x 4
3626bpb01101YellowMinifig Head with Blue Sunglasses and Moustache Print [Blocked Open Stud]
36602YellowSlope Inverted 45° 2 x 2 [Ovoid Bottom Pin, Bar-sized Stud Holes]
6153apb041YellowWedge 6 x 4 Cutout without Stud Notches with 'C 504' Print
61411Trans-Neon GreenPlate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud