Rebrickable inventory for 8517-1: Humungousaur

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DesignImageQtyColourPart name
878381BlackLarge Figure Torso Skeletal with Ball Joints (Ben 10)
87843pr00011Dark TanLarge Figure Torso Cover with Ben 10 Print
878402Reddish BrownLarge Figure Arm / Leg Section with 2 Ball Joints (Ben 10)
878394Reddish BrownLarge Figure Arm / Leg Section with 2 Ball Joint Sockets (Ben 10)
878471Reddish BrownLarge Figure Armor, Shoulder and Neck - Flexible (Ben 10)
878412Reddish BrownLarge Figure Foot, Short with Ball Joint Socket (Ben 10)
878422Reddish BrownLarge Figure Forearm and Fist with Ball Joint (Ben 10)
885211Reddish BrownLarge Figure Head Ben 10 Humungousaur with White Teeth Print
878461Reddish BrownLarge Figure Tail (Ben 10)