Rebrickable inventory for 8525-1: Masks

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DesignImageQtyColourPart name
325691BlackBionicle Mask Akaku
325051BlackBionicle Mask Hau
325681BlackBionicle Mask Kakama
325701BlackBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325651BlackBionicle Mask Miru
325661BlackBionicle Mask Pakari
325671BlackBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
45192BlackTechnic Axle 3
325691BlueBionicle Mask Akaku
325051BlueBionicle Mask Hau
325681BlueBionicle Mask Kakama
325701BlueBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325651BlueBionicle Mask Miru
325661BlueBionicle Mask Pakari
325671BlueBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
325691BrownBionicle Mask Akaku
325051BrownBionicle Mask Hau
325681BrownBionicle Mask Kakama
325701BrownBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325651BrownBionicle Mask Miru
325661BrownBionicle Mask Pakari
325671BrownBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
325731Dark GrayBionicle Mask Huna (Turaga)
325721Dark GrayBionicle Mask Komau (Turaga)
325751Dark GrayBionicle Mask Mahiki (Turaga)
325701Dark GrayBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325741Dark GrayBionicle Mask Rau (Turaga)
325671Dark GrayBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
325691GreenBionicle Mask Akaku
325051GreenBionicle Mask Hau
325681GreenBionicle Mask Kakama
325701GreenBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325651GreenBionicle Mask Miru
325661GreenBionicle Mask Pakari
325671GreenBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
325531Light GrayBionicle Head Connector Block 3 x 4 x 1 2/3
325731Light GrayBionicle Mask Huna (Turaga)
325721Light GrayBionicle Mask Komau (Turaga)
325751Light GrayBionicle Mask Mahiki (Turaga)
325701Light GrayBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325741Light GrayBionicle Mask Rau (Turaga)
325671Light GrayBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
325701Light LimeBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325731LimeBionicle Mask Huna (Turaga)
325721LimeBionicle Mask Komau (Turaga)
325751LimeBionicle Mask Mahiki (Turaga)
325741LimeBionicle Mask Rau (Turaga)
325671LimeBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
325731Medium BlueBionicle Mask Huna (Turaga)
325721Medium BlueBionicle Mask Komau (Turaga)
325751Medium BlueBionicle Mask Mahiki (Turaga)
325701Medium BlueBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325741Medium BlueBionicle Mask Rau (Turaga)
325671Medium BlueBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
325731OrangeBionicle Mask Huna (Turaga)
325721OrangeBionicle Mask Komau (Turaga)
325751OrangeBionicle Mask Mahiki (Turaga)
325701OrangeBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325741OrangeBionicle Mask Rau (Turaga)
325671OrangeBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
325691RedBionicle Mask Akaku
325051RedBionicle Mask Hau
325681RedBionicle Mask Kakama
325701RedBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325651RedBionicle Mask Miru
325661RedBionicle Mask Pakari
325671RedBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
325731TanBionicle Mask Huna (Turaga)
325721TanBionicle Mask Komau (Turaga)
325751TanBionicle Mask Mahiki (Turaga)
325701TanBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325741TanBionicle Mask Rau (Turaga)
325671TanBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)
325711Trans-BlackBionicle Mask Kaukau
325711Trans-ClearBionicle Mask Kaukau
325711Trans-Dark BlueBionicle Mask Kaukau
325541Trans-Dark PinkBionicle Head Connector Block Eye/Brain Stalk
325711Trans Fire YellowBionicle Mask Kaukau
325541Trans-GreenBionicle Head Connector Block Eye/Brain Stalk
325711Trans-GreenBionicle Mask Kaukau
325711Trans Light Royal BlueBionicle Mask Kaukau
325541Trans-Medium BlueBionicle Head Connector Block Eye/Brain Stalk
325541Trans-Neon GreenBionicle Head Connector Block Eye/Brain Stalk
325541Trans-Neon OrangeBionicle Head Connector Block Eye/Brain Stalk
325711Trans-Neon OrangeBionicle Mask Kaukau
325541Trans-Neon YellowBionicle Head Connector Block Eye/Brain Stalk
325711Trans-RedBionicle Mask Kaukau
325691WhiteBionicle Mask Akaku
325051WhiteBionicle Mask Hau
325681WhiteBionicle Mask Kakama
325701WhiteBionicle Mask Matatu (Turaga)
325651WhiteBionicle Mask Miru
325661WhiteBionicle Mask Pakari
325671WhiteBionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)