Rebrickable inventory for 8974-1: Tarduk

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DesignImageQtyColourPart name
608962Dark GreenBionicle Arm Av-Matoran with Ball Joint and Ball Socket
608992Dark GreenBionicle Av-Matoran Leg Section with Ball Joint and Ball Socket
643231Dark GreenBionicle Mask Tarduk
601764Dark GreenTechnic Axle Connector 2 x 3 with Ball Socket, Closed Sides, Squared Ends
325064LimeBionicle Claw with Axle
608951LimeBionicle Matoran Torso, Av-Matoran Type 2
575632LimeBionicle Weapon Mahri Matoran Blade
642621Trans-Neon OrangeBionicle Head Connector Block (Glatorian)