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The nice folks over at No Starch Press have sent me a copy of Megan Rothrock's latest book to review ahead of its publication next month.

The LEGO Adventure Book 2: Spaceships, Pirates, Dragons and More! to give it its full title, is the follow-up to the first in the series, published this time last year, which was well received and by all accounts, a great success. If you haven't already done so, read our review to see what we thought of it.

The easiest way to describe this volume is 'more of the same' and that's not a bad thing, because, as I've said before, they "are unlike other LEGO books and much better for it".

It features the work of Megan and ten other builders, most of whom were not featured in volume 1. We published the list of builders last month. But it's so much more than a collection of photos and building instructions and that's what makes it different, and fun.

The LEGO Adventure Book 2Like the first book, there is a narrative running through it which is basically Megs' minifig alter-ego and brickbot sidekick travelling round the world in her 'transport-o-lux' visiting the builders.

This time, however, there's an evil force -- a destructor -- travelling too, who causes havoc wherever he goes (and creates good excuses to show pictures of piles of bricks and instructions for rebuilding the models). Megs has to catch him before he does more damage.

The first model to be trashed is Mark Stafford's beautiful lime green Viper (which was seen at GWLS) but, thankfully, instructions are provided to rebuild it, as shown right. Most of the instructions in the book are presented as photographs of the parts and the building steps and look easy enough to follow.

The LEGO Adventure Book 2The contributing builders each have a chapter dedicated to them, most of which consist of a introduction between Megs and the builder's minifig-representation, a comic-strip continuation of the hunt for the destructor, instructions for several of the builder's models, and photos of more complex models for building inspiration, such as these boats by Arjan Oude Kotte.

The LEGO Adventure Book 2Here's a page from Yvonne Doyle's chapter, where Megs visits her kitchen before heading down to the gym, where the destructor has broken one of the treadmills.

The book works on many levels. First, the cartoons and the story running through it make it a fun read. It's a lightweight story, admittedly, but kids will enjoy it and it does help hold the book together and is a reason to read it from cover to cover.

Second, it provides well presented instructions for some very cool models. Some are small quick builds, like Yvonne's treadmill, while others are pretty complex, such as Arjan's ferry boat which is a lovely model although I do wonder how many people will actually take the time to gather the parts and build it.

Third, it's a showcase for the featured builders' models which show the reader what's possible with enough skill, bricks and time. This combination makes it unique among LEGO books and will help it appeal to kids and AFOLs alike.

Does Megs catch the destructor and bring him to justice? You'll have to buy the book to find out!

It's published on both sides of the Atlantic in November. You can pre-order it and 'look inside' at Amazon: | |

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By in United States,

Sweet. I love the first book and look forward to picking up vol. 2. Thanks for the review.

By in United States,

Loved the first book and have had this one on pre-order since it was listed on Amazon. My kids (and myself) cannot wait! I really hope she decides to publish a volume 3!

By in {Unknown country},

Oh look Nabii's pages are Teal again... one wonders why..........

By in United States,

Just a quick question.

I would be quite interested in buying the Lego Adventure book 2 if I knew it contained instructions on building those lovely, fanciful houses shown on the front cover.

Does anyone know.


By in United States,

Many thanks for a quick reply. That is a lovely house. Think I'll buy the book anyway.

Kind Regards,


By in United Kingdom,

I am certain this will be a totally awesome book.

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