Novelty Policy

This page sets out Brickset's policy on publishing information and images of unreleased products.

Brickset is the leading LEGO news and database site on the internet and you expect to find information about the latest LEGO products here. However, we have to balance your expectations with the desire to maintain a good relationship with the LEGO Group.

We like to see images of unreleased LEGO products as much as you do but we often choose not to publish them because we recognise the damage that doing so can cause the company, as outlined in its novelty policy.

This is how we interpret the policy:

We will not publish images that we believe have been obtained illegitimately

 For example:

  • Information and images from retailers' catalogues. Usually such images are watermarked 'Confidential'.
  • Information and images relating to unreleased products that are based on unreleased films or other high-profile or sensitive intellectual property.
  • Images posted by individuals on social media or image sharing platforms where the provenance is not specified, or which appear to be of dubious provenance (e.g. illicitly photographed in a LEGO factory)
  • Images of products on auction sites that appear to have been stolen from a factory.

However, should such material be published on other mainstream websites and no action is taken by LEGO, or we believe that it is not a 'leak' that LEGO is, or is likely to be, concerned about, we may choose to publish it at our discretion.

We will publish images that have originated from LEGO or one of its partners if their provenance is known

For example:

  • Images found on the server
  • Images published by a partner of the LEGO group: e.g. one of the Amazon sites, small toy shop websites, Eastern European certified store Facebook groups.
  • Images of products purchased or seen in a physical shop providing it can be proved that they were purchased or displayed legitimately.

However we may subsequently remove them, at our discretion, if asked.

Have images of unreleased sets you wish to send us?

If you wish to send us images of unreleased sets, please always specify where you obtained item. If you took them yourself, tell us that you did and where you did so. If you found them online, provide the original URL. If you find an unreleased set in a shop, take a photo of it with its surroundings so it can be seen that it was taken in a shop. Doing so will allow us to properly evaluate what you've sent us and to provide the necessary information should we decide to publish, to prove that we are not in violation of LEGO's novelty policy.


We believe that our policy will allow us to continue to be the leading LEGO news and database site whilst also ensuring that we maintain a good relationship with the LEGO Group, which is in everyone's interest. Our relationship gives us access to the LEGO Ambassador Network, press releases, special events, products for review and the company's affiliate scheme all of which benefit you, the site's visitors, as well as us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Special provisions for the forum

The forum must not be used to redistribute images of unreleased products.

Thus, we do not permit forum members to post such images in the forum. However, currently, it is acceptable to post links to other sites that are hosting them and to discuss them.

Forum moderators will undertake to delete images that are brought to their attention in a timely manner.