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I want to buy some LEGO
We don't sell LEGO directly from Instead, we list LEGO that's available to purchase at other retailers such as Amazon, and eBay.

Please use the links shown next to the sets you wish to purchase to place orders directly with the retailers. When you do so, Brickset receives a small commission which helps keep it online and free to use.
I want to sell some LEGO
Sorry, we don't buy LEGO and can't provide valuations for it. The best places to sell your unwanted LEGO are in the Brickset forum, on eBay, at or

If you're after a valuation you could check BrickPicker, the LEGO investment site.
I want to buy some LEGO parts
Sorry, we don't sell LEGO parts. You can buy parts directly from LEGO Customer Services, or from the LEGO marketplaces and
My set has missing pieces
Contact LEGO Customer Services and they'll send them to you, usually free of charge.
I have some LEGO news to report
Fantastic, thanks. Please enter your message below.
I think I've found a problem with the website's functionality
Please describe the problem below. Include the address of the page that's not working and also details of the device and browser you are using.
I think I've found inaccuracies or missing information in the database
Brickset's data comes from many different places and not all of it is maintained locally.

If the inaccuracy or missing information relates to sets, please enter details below and we'll correct our database.

If you wish to tell us about a non-brick item with a LEGO logo on it (what we call 'gear'), please note that we probably won't add it to the database: there are too many such items and no way to provide comprehensive information about them.

Information about minifigs and which minifigs are in which set comes from BrickLink and we are unable to make changes to it.
Information about parts and set inventories comes from LEGO customer services we are unable to make changes to it.
I have some images of sets to send you
Fantastic, thanks. If they are good-quality images of the front of the packaging or instructions, are not marked 'confidential' and haven't been copied from other websites, please send them directly to us by email. If they are of unreleased sets, please state where you found them and read our novelty policy for information about what we will and will not publish.
I have some instructions that you don't have listed
We don't actually publish or host instructions, we just link to those listed by LEGO Customer Services. This is partly because LEGO does not allow them to be published by other websites.
My Brickset iPhone/iPad/Android app isn't working
The Brickset mobile apps are written by 3rd partys and we don't provide support for them. Please contact the author directly. There are links to the the app store pages where you'll find their contact details on our mobile apps list.
I've just signed up but didn't receive my login details
We've noticed that some email providers consider messages from Brickset to be junk. Please check your spam folder and if you still can't find it, get in touch and we'll send them to you manually.
I want to get in touch with the site operator
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