This page provides a means of viewing photographs of parts in over 150 different LEGO colours. Use the drop-down lists above to find colours you're interested in.


  • Images are © Ryan Howerter and are used here with permission
  • Information on BrickLink names, RGB values and years of production are from Ryan's colour list
  • Modulex colours are not included
  • The official LEGO number for some colours is not known. We've given them a number in the 900 number range to enable them to be added to the database.
  • Where an official name isn't known it's shown in curly brackets {...}
  • The colour name in brackets (...) in the gallery is the BrickLink name.
  • An asterisk next to the BrickLink name indicates that the BrickLink colour also contains other LEGO colors (i.e., it isn't unique)

Official palette

This is the official colour palatte showing all colours currently in production in 2016. Click on the image for an interactive version.

More information about LEGO colours: