Rebrickable inventory for 3110-1: Four Animal Friends

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DesignImageQtyColourPart name
62511BlackKitten Crouching
330231BrownScala, Clothes Shoe Male
330571Earth OrangeFood Turkey Drumstick [Short]
scalaupn00051Light GreenScala Cloth Rug with Green Squares Print
33011a1Medium BlueMilk carton
33011b1Medium BlueScala Accessories Bottle Wine
33011c2Medium BlueScala Accessories Jar Jam / Jelly
69661Medium OrangeScala Box 7 x 7 x 3 with 3 sides
62561OrangeEquipment Dish / Plate / Bowl 3 x 3 [Plain]
330781RedFood Hot Dog / Sausage
6175px11WhiteCat Standing with Blue Eyes and Black Eyelashes Print
dalmatian11WhiteDog Scala Dalmatian with White Ears
62561WhiteEquipment Dish / Plate / Bowl 3 x 3 [Plain]
62511WhiteKitten Crouching
towel1YellowBelville Cloth Towel 5 x 14, edged
scalaupn0022pr011YellowScala Cloth Pillow 5 x 5 Small with Checks and Cherries Print