Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

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Mike Doyle's third Beautiful LEGO book, subtitled Wild!, is published on September 1st by No Starch Press.

The 220 page paperback is pretty much 'more of the same' (which is a good thing in this case) so if you have any of the other books in the series you'll know what to expect.

If you don't have the others, the best way to describe it is as a coffee-table book that showcases the very best LEGO models made by around 100 builders from around the world, all beautifully photographed and presented.

The theme of this one is Wild! so it's filled with models of trees, flowers and animals of all kinds. Consequently it's very bright and colourful and a pleasure to flick-through.

You won't find any building instructions, or very many words: just page after page of gorgeous builds that serve to show what's possible using LEGO as a medium and also as inspiration for your own builds. There are a few builder profiles, of Sean Kenney, Tom Poulsom and Pascal Schmidt but that's about it in terms of text.

This is the best of Mike's books so far because the builds are far more visually appealing and are generally of recognisable real-life fauna and flora as opposed to the much darker tone and subject matter of the second volume.

If you're looking for a book to leave laying around that can be used to show those who might not consider LEGO to be an art form just what can be done with the humble brick, this is it, particularly as there are no 'X-rated' models in it like there are in the Dark volume.

If you like building trees, flowers, creatures, critters and other natural subjects then this is a book for you too: you're bound to find something to inspire you and give you ideas for your next build.

It can be pre-ordered now from, and

If you missed it the first time round, you can read our review of the first volume.


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By in United Kingdom,

The first two are lovely to look at, and as mentioned, a nice thing to pick up, flick through a few pages and put down again for non-Lego (or not-yet-Lego) fans.

I'll definitely be picking it up.

By in United States,

That's a very nice-looking book there. Might be worth a look.

By in United States,

I'm supposed to be featured in this one:) Also supposed to get a free copy! can't wait to see it!

By in United States,

I don't have space or budget for every book that catches my eye...but I just pre-ordered this one. The current Amazon dot com price is probably as low as it's likely to go for a while. Looking forward to this and whatever that 2016 animal-themed Creator set turns out to be (from the deleted leak...)

By in United States,

Looks better than ever! No cash for this now, but I will keep an eye out for this later on.

By in Australia,

I skipped the second book, but I'm absolutely going to buy this one as soon as it becomes available. It looks pretty amazing. I can't wait.

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