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I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the latest LEGO Ideas set 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V: it is due in New Zealand toy stores in the next few days.

This set has 1969 parts and the next Ideas set to be released, 21310 Old Fishing Store, has 2049 parts; these two sets have established a new size precedence for the Ideas theme.

The feedback for 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V has been overwhelmingly positive. This is primarily due to the accuracy of the model and its corresponding size. As a child, I had an Airfix model of an Apollo Saturn V rocket. This was built at a scale of 1:144 so was slightly smaller than the LEGO version.

In this Ideas Showcase article I have selected some projects for their level of detail. Read on to see whether you like my selections.

Cruise Ferry - MS Bergensfjord / MS Stavangerfjord

By The ship builder

I like this project because it is a UCS styled ship similar to the 10241 Maersk Line Triple E ship. The ship builder works aboard MS Bergensfjord as 1st engineer.

MS Bergensfjord and MS Stavangerfjord are sister ships and sail between Denmark and Norway.

This model is built at a scale of 1:283, about half the scale of 10241 Maersk Line Triple E. Due to the smaller scale, a greater level of detail has been built into the model. The orange 3M rescue can has been used as an inflatable rescue boat while the ship has four brick-built enclosed lifeboats.

Have a look at some images of these ships. Rory Coase, a naval architect based in Bergen has taken some photos of MS Stavangerfjord and posted them on his Ships in Bergen blog.

This is The ship builder's only project. It will need quite a lot of support to reach the next milestone: 1000 supporters.

I was impressed when I saw The ship builder's Cruise Ferry - MS Bergensfjord / MS Stavangerfjord Ideas project for the first time. I am not sure whether The ship builder took any inspiration from my UCS Queen Victoria Cruise Ship Ideas project. But when I looked at the detail The ship builder had put into the ship, I knew I had to update my model.

Queen Victoria Cruise Ship

I have been fortunate to have had my model travel aboard the real Queen Victoria ship when it visited New Zealand in March. The model remained onboard for a fortnight during voyage V707 and V709. I was able to get some images of my model against the ship model onboard the ship.

I have also used Rory Coase's images as inspiration for the update. I have also modelled the ship using LEGO Digital Designer and Bricklink's formats.

LDD in Extended mode has a considerably better parts selection, all of which can be re-coloured even if those parts are not currently produced in the colour selected.

The 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V set and the Cruise Ferry - MS Bergensfjord / MS Stavangerfjord project has made me step-up-my-game and build a much better model. My only regret is that the original cover image in LEGO Ideas cannot be updated.

The Elf Witch Cottage

By vedosololego

I liked the detail in this set. I particularly liked the use
of the Viking boat bow section in the cottage. It reminded me of the boat cottages on the shore of Holy Island, Lindisfarne.

This project has a very mythical and colourful feel to it and will appeal to anyone who likes the Elves, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit or Vikings themes.

This project has some solid early support. It has about a year to gain an extra 400 supporters to get to the 1000 Supporters milestone.

Vedosololego also has other projects which I have promoted in earlier Ideas Showcase articles that are still active. Have a look at The AFOL Brick House and Hugo Cabret projects.

NASA: Crawler-Transporter

By Eiffleman

The Crawler-Transporter was designed and built by Marion Power Shovel Company using components designed and built by Rockwell International at a cost of US$14 million each. The same two crawlers have been used since their initial delivery in 1965.

This project would complement either 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V or 10231 Shuttle Expedition as it is made at the same scale as the Saturn V rocket although this is not strictly the same scale as the Space Shuttle.

I am not sure whether it would pass review as it clearly clashes with Project Guidelines although this project could be considered separate from the overarching Apollo program as it has also been used in the Space Shuttle (STS) Program.

Have a look at the Updates tab of this project as Eiffleman has made some suggestions of how the project would look with the Launch Umbilical Tower or Space Shuttle (STS) on the crawler.

This project has had some initial solid support, but it will need some effort if this support is to continue.

By great_mazinga

There is an amazing amount of detail in this historic London bus. It is a big project at 2656 pieces.

Route 38 is from Clapton Pond to Victoria Bus Station.

This is great_mazinga’s only project. It needs just under 400 Supporters for the next milestone.


By SmileDuJour

I have always had an interest in astronomy and have frequently visited planetariums.

I like this project for its accurate portrayal of what can be found inside a typical planetarium. There is an interesting story explained in the supporting 64 images.

There is a Solar system decorating the walls on the ground floor. Have a look at the Update page as there are building steps for the brick-built Earth model-in-a-model

On the second floor a Zeiss planetarium projector shows the Orion constellation. You can look at the stars through an alt-azimuth telescope on the third floor under the opening and rotating observatory dome.

There is so much playability in this project so have a look at all the images to get the full story.

It needs just under 100 supporters to reach the next milestone: 1000 Supporters.

Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons - Natural History Collection

By Mukkinn

There have been a few Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons Ideas projects in the past. This project has a great level of detail.

One advantage of this project is that it could be made into a Creator styled set with several different builds from a core set of parts.

Mukkinn has several projects underway, but Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons is by far his most popular project. At nearly 2500 supporters, it is halfway to the next 5000 Supporters milestone and has a year and a half to run.

So here are six projects and my own offering. I encourage anyone contemplating submitting a LEGO Ideas project to do a considerable amount of research before starting to build their project.

Also, LDD, and other digital building applications enable you to build with virtual bricks and there is a complete inventory of LEGO bricks available that don't cost anything.

I am always interested in your thoughts. Which projects do you like? Do you agree with my selections?

Feel free to leave feedback and links to your favourite Ideas.


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23 comments on this article

By in Norway,

The planetarium is gorgeous!

By in United Kingdom,

Thank you for the interesting article, it would be good to include one or two almost out of time projects:
I am sad to see one of my favourite projects expiring any time now:
Totoro & Catbus
Others ending soon:
Microscale Jurassic Park
Bricksauria | Stegosaurus
My own projects leaving the site very soon:
Mickey Mouse and Friends in Bricks
Wallace & Gromit in Bricks
Looney Tunes in Bricks

By in United Kingdom,

Shouldn't the next review results be released at some point?

By in United States,

I love any Lego ships. Great models. The Planetarium is nice too.

By in United States,

I would LOVE the skeletons to go with the Ideas Birds.

By in United States,

I'm joining Ideas soon because of these convincing projects. Great Job!
The planetarium is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

By in United States,

The Queen Victory is beautiful! I'de gladly own that!

By in United States,

The planetarium has great detail and different building techniques. Great model. So does the cottage. The cottage is beautiful with all the colors. However, there is no mention of an interior and that's a shame.

By in Russian Federation,

There are already tons of projects better that these . These got no chance .

By in Russian Federation,

yep. The Flinstones looks truly gorgeous, wich got a real chance to release.

By in New Zealand,

@ SavetheBrick: I like microscale builds and the Microscale Jurassic Park is great. Supported. I think it may clash with the house rules though. I hope it gets another 138 Supporters in the next 19 days. The project deserves to reach 10,000 milestone!

@ By ZeeBricks: The Link Display Figure - Legend of Zelda is great. Supported. I hope it gets another 36 Supporters to reach the 1000 extension.

@ malou: I like the Snow Groomer. Supported. I hope it gets nine more Supporters in five days to reach the 100 Supporters extension.

By in Australia,

@Henry_D I agree. The dinosaur fossils *might* be selected since they're creative and educational, but I don't see Lego using Ideas as a platform to regularly release huge models of generic buildings or vehicles. They're already doing that with Creator Expert. And unfortunately for the Planetarium, it doesn't look like they're going to be making an Ideas Modular Building anytime soon.

By in United Kingdom,

@ FlagsNZ: I agree, it might not pass the review. Although the conflict only seems to cover Jurassic World and not Jurassic Park. Also they did make the decision not to delete all the existing projects with conflicts, so although less likely to pass, they still could. : )

Other microscale builds (also ending soon):
The Simpsons House – Microscale
Microscale Castle Village

Others ending quite soon:
De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver
The Gruffalo
The Old Mill

Other high quality projects:
Boat House Diner
Ancient Wonders
Old Windmill
LEGO - Urban Wildlife
Ford Model T
The Dive Shop
The Lighthouse
Disney's Pinocchio LEGO Marionette with Jiminy Cricket
Fiat 500 F

By in New Zealand,

@ SavetheBrick: Thanks for all those selected projects. I want people to post links in the comments section of these articles. I think all your suggestions are worthy.

I have been quite busy recently and, as a result, my Ideas Showcase articles have not been as frequent as I would have liked. I plan to post more Ideas Showcase articles and showcase more projects. I tend to pick a theme for my posts and this one focused on the theme of larger Ideas projects.

By in United Kingdom,

@ FlagsNZ: I am often surprised to find I have missed great projects and equally I am often surprised to find that I thought I supported something, but actually hadn’t, sometimes because it has been re-submitted.

It is absolutely a great idea to pick a theme. I look forward to future articles. Might also be interesting if there was some statistical analysis of some kind, or a reminder/review or chart of one of the current top 10s (Most supported, Most comments, Most followed etc).

Most supported projects:
(1) The Wonders Of Peru
(2) NF-15B Research Aircraft
(3) I Am Your Father
(4) Microscale Jurassic Park
(5) Pop-Up Book
(6) Jaguar E-Type Roadster
(7) LEGO Mystery Science Theater 3000
(8) Boat House Diner
(9) Stitch
(10) Inside Out: Headquarters

By in United States,


Hey, I've been a bit disappointing in the lack of Ideas articles. I get that you're busy and there's no problem with that. I sent a message to Brickset a few months ago saying it would be nice to even get a weekly post with all the Staff picks for the week and maybe a "Brickset pick". It wouldn't take very long to compile and it wouldn't matter if it was a day or two off, as long as one was posted every week with all the staff picks. I offered to do it if no one else is available but I didn't hear back. Figured it was worth mentioning here. It'd take some stress off from trying to get a showcase like this out more frequently and it would bring more traffic to the ideas site.

By in United States,

@FlagsNZ -- I am honored that you chose to highlight my Planetarium. Thank you! (Yes, I'm SmileDuJour)

@BabyYoda -- I do realize the challenge I have providing yet another Modular to the Ideas system, as I have seen myself with dismay many good ones rejected. So as I built this, I actually worked from the inside out, creating all the fun play/imagination spaces first, and only then finalizing the outside design. I also hope that by injecting numerous educational opportunities, that it just might have a chance of getting through ... the idea that they could provide a whole book of constellations, and our own solar system. So let's get this one to 10,000, and really put the pressure on the Ideas team to consider this one.

@Everyone -- as my project hits/surpasses this next milestone (1000), I'm scrambling for my next Update ... a smaller update than the Earth build, I'll show close up details for the hanging plant. Unless people would like to see something else detailed first?

Oh, and now with the success of the Saturn V kit, I should probably adjust my rocket model on the first floor to match...?

By in United Kingdom,

I saw this site mentioned on the Planetarium build, and as it seems I won't be assaulted here for mentioning an Ideas project (!) could I mention my own? I'm struggling to approach 100 and I suspect there are a few reasons for that, but I'd actually welcome any negative feedback as much as positive as this is my first ever project that my son has encouraged me to try. So if you do like science fiction, puppets and were young in the 80s (I'm talking about Star Fleet!), or not, you might enjoy this - you might enjoy it regardless of course! I shall now continue exploring, for to coin a Yoda expression, much to learn, I still have!

PS, I got the Planetarium to 1000!!!

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