Random set of the day: Locomotive Blue Bricks

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Locomotive Blue Bricks

Locomotive Blue Bricks

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Today's random set is 3743 Locomotive Blue Bricks, released in 2001. It's one of 16 Trains sets produced that year. It contains 106 pieces, and its retail price was US$7/£3.99.

It's owned by 184 Brickset members. If you want to add it to your collection you might find it for sale at BrickLink or eBay.

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By in Australia,

I gotta say, I feel like the MOT concept was a really nifty idea, giving buyers plenty of variety in terms of engines (small or large tank engine? Small or large tender engine? The choice of yours!), and then letting them pick one-out-of-five (!) colour schemes they wanted.

Although, these days, brown seems to be very common, so I'd say that was the least popular one at the time. But I really liked these, they looked good no matter what carriages were behind them, and they were easy to motorise (at least, at the time, before Lego decided to change the concept for powering its trains every time it changed socks).

But after all these years, I don't still don't understand the fluro-yellow lights...

By in Latvia,

Not much of a locomotive can be seen on the box, sadly

By in Netherlands,

Woo! Bricks! And they're blue!

By in New Zealand,

Best colour ever!

By in Hungary,

Ahh, I remember playing with this for days!

By in United States,

"My Own Train" was a neat concept but I can see why it didn't do so well. A lot of people blame it on the simplistic design of the trains themselves, but I think a bigger factor is that it was a more complicated ordering system than a lot of buyers could really understand or appraise, and thus parents who just wanted a train set for their kids might have decided not to bother.

I believe I've read that LEGO Factory/Design byME didn't last for similar reasons — it needed a lot more buyers than it got to cover the cost of the packing process, and unfortunately it was difficult for the people in charge of purchases (parents, mostly) to really understand what they were paying for when it was more complicated than the purchasing process they were used to with toys or building sets.

All-in-one LEGO train sets like we see in the City theme today are definitely a valid reason for frustration among people on a budget or AFOLS who just want a few wagons or trackside structures to supplement their existing collections, but I think particularly in the City theme, they do a better job including what parents and kids looking for a motorized train set expect to see: a more or less complete play experience.

By in United Kingdom,

Got the first one in the UK as they shipped in via Southampton and I ducked out of work to pick it up, then built it at my desk!

At the time, the green (and brown) brick packs were like AFOL catnip, but could only be bought with a train! :D

The tender basic black bricks was a hugely desirable parts pack too, for building wagons.

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