Random set of the day: Green Exo Fighter

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Green Exo Fighter

Green Exo Fighter

©2007 LEGO Group

Today's random set is 3886 Green Exo Fighter, released in 2007. It's one of 18 Exo-Force sets produced that year. It contains 19 pieces and 1 minifig.

It's owned by 252 Brickset members. If you want to add it to your collection you might find it for sale at BrickLink or eBay.

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By in Brazil,

I miss this theme, it should have never ended. It would be cool if it could return with mechas more inspired on popular anime (Evangelion for example).

By in Australia,

Good old Exo-force. These polybags were a bit weird, though. I think it was a little while before they perfected mecha in polybags (like they did with the Chima line).

By in United States,

My personal mod for these mechs is to replace the 1x2 brick the figure is standing on (and the mech legs are plugged into) with 1x1 headlight bricks. With the figure's feet on top of the brick, a 1x2 plate can be attached to the back of the headlight brick and the lower socket of the leg, securing the brick in place, then plug the mech leg into the open stud on the front.

So the figure can be posed 'walking' by moving the figure legs independently and the whole assembly is solid.

By in Venezuela,

If this wasn't Sentai Mountain, he'd be the raddest man-on-stilts act in the world.

By in New Zealand,

Pure Ninjago DNA

By in Latvia,

I don't know why, I just want to read the title "Green Slimy Goo" )

By in Hungary,

As much as I revere the original wave of EF toys I always found the golden city range a step backwards in terms of designs. That said I really like the Aero Booster from this wave.

By in United Kingdom,

I always thought EF was a weird line, especially the faux-Japanese art style that never sat right with me. That said, the later robot mechs were decent designs.

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