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Over the past few months, we've been experimenting with our new polling system, and you guys seem to be enjoying it quite a bit - so, thanks!

About a week and a half ago, we asked what your favorite LEGO Star Wars subtheme is in honor of the franchise's fortieth anniversary. The results are in and we can now show them off and present some analysis on why certain things placed the way they did. 4,665 of you responded, so here we go...

The winner, without a doubt, is the LEGO Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back line of sets, which includes Ultimate Collector Series models like 75060 Slave I and this year's 75144 Snowspeeder.

Now it's question and answer time.

Why Empire? It's not entirely secret that most people voted based on which film they liked best - unfortunately, too, since that wasn't the point of the poll and the results may be skewed a little. TESB consistently ranks amongst Star Wars fans as a favorite film, so it is perhaps not surprising that the LEGO sets rank so high on this poll.

However, many would agree that Empire is not very well-covered in LEGO form by any means, with a severe lack of Cloud City and Dagobah based models. Remove the ones that do exist and you're basically left with Hoth, where the sets are quite lackluster to be honest. And that's not even accounting for the almost universally disliked 2016 UCS 75098 Assault on Hoth set. In short, I haven't a clue!

Why does Rogue One rank so high? Indeed, this subtheme has only two waves of sets so far and yet already ranks at #5, right after the original trilogy and The Clone Wars! It's not much of a surprise, as the sets are still in recent memory and all of of considerably high quality.

What about the prequels? The Phantom Menace ranks lowest, as it usually does when ranking the films. However, a lot has been covered in the sets and they obviously sell well - or else we wouldn't be seeing more created, like this year's 75169 Duel on Naboo. I guess the general consensus is that we're just sick of seeing sets for a 'bad' movie, regardless of the set designs themselves? ;-) Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith ranked pretty much where I expected they would.

The rest? It's not that surprising to see the Buildable Figures and Original Content products towards the bottom of the rankings, though constraction connoisseurs (like me!) will surely argue against the majority. It is also interesting that a subtheme like The Clone Wars beat The Force Awakens, as there is not many weak sets in the latter range that I can see (and that is what I myself voted for), and it is more recent.

One interesting thing to point out is that the Expanded Universe is only one percent higher than Rebels. With a lack of sets in the former category, that must be testament to their quality, such as what is exhibited in the fantastic recent 75182 Republic Fighter Tank.

CapnRex101 made this comment in the original article, which I can concur with:

"This is a very tricky question with quite a few variables to consider."

"My favourite Star Wars film is probably The Empire Strikes Back but LEGO's coverage of the movie has been patchy, particularly given the lack of Cloud City products. On that basis I believe A New Hope is by far the best as almost every scene has been represented in some way but there are relatively few sets or minifigures which really stand out in my opinion. "

"However, based on the consistent quality of the sets I think Rogue One is probably the most successful. There is no significant weak link in the range released thus far, although the film itself is not among my favourites of the saga and there are plenty of gaps which have yet to be filled, inevitably due in part to the short time since the first sets were released."

"Ultimately, I voted for The Force Awakens. It is neither my absolute favourite Star Wars film nor does it offer the very best sets but I think it ranks relatively highly on both counts and the overall coverage of the scenes and characters since 2015 has been brilliant."

The original trilogy subtheme rankings are probably bolstered by the iconic nature of the subject matter, which triggers peoples' nostalgia.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the poll and analysis. What are your thoughts on the subject? What types of polls would you like to see us do in the future? Please let us know in the comments below.


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48 comments on this article

By in United States,

Agree with this order 100%., though I would like some more prequel sets. I think Rogue One ranks so high because of the fact that it has many OT vehicles and ships. (AT-ST, Y-Wing, etc.)

By in Russian Federation,

Wow im a bit dissapointed with the results , cause i personally like 1-2-3 episodes and everething trade federation related, but it seems audience does not. It explains why lego releases so few droid related sets compared to others.

By in United States,

A UCS Clould City/Bespin Platforms type set would be AMAZING! A display model/playset combo that has both a detailed exterior AND vignette style interior akin to the Death Star would be really cool!
I'm quite liking the build able figures so far, too ; )

By in United States,

Interesting results. My favorite film is "Empire", yet I did not vote for that. Too many Hoth sets. We're lacking sets of Dagobah, Cloud City, medical frigate, asteroid belt, etc. As one Brickset user said during the poll, it's not "The Hoth Strikes Back".

By in United Kingdom,

Hmm. I voted for the Clone Wars, but that's probably nostalgia, as I grew up on the show and its sets. ESB is a good movie and has had some good sets, but I would agree TFA and Rogue One have had the most consistently good sets.

By in United States,

I dont even remember what i voted for, but if it was the empire striikes back, its because the first lego star wars set i ever saw was the bespin cloud city one, and i loved the 2006 slave 1. However, due to the amount of sets in the clone wars and the quality of them, i think i voted for that, even though i hate the clone wars tv series.

By in Portugal,

I must admit that I went through all of the sets for each film in the database; I then voted for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope because I thought that it had the best sets and was the most well represented film.

By in Australia,

Certainly surprised about the result.
Empire is my favourite Star Wars movie, and thus my favourite movie, but Lego sets wise it feels far far from complete.
As was said in the article the most minimal Dagobah and Cloud City related sets, and that awful Insult on Hoth set are the cons, and significant ones for this theme. For me partly countered for having my favourite non-UCS set, AT-AT 75054.

By in Puerto Rico,

I hope that the newest Rep Tank is on local stores.

By in United States,

I have an idea for a poll that would go along with this one.

Which Lego Star Wars subtheme still has the most holes left to be filled?

I would be curious to see if the same subthemes that ranked high in this poll would also be rated as the ones with the most holes in it(ESB).

By in Venezuela,

we all need a Dagobah set!!!!

By in United States,

I voted Return of the Jedi, it's very well represented and lots of my favorite Star Wars sets come from there... OG Jabba's Sail Barge, all the A-Wings and B-Wings, Battle of Endor, AT-STs, and even stuff like the Death Star Final Duel.

By in United States,

I got Hoth Wampa Cave and Echo Base for my ninth birthday, and I just loved them, so those sets stick out in my mind. That's probably why I voted for Empire, although I admit that wasn't the best choice for my vote.

By in Sweden,

@OscarWRG What about yoda's hut?

By in United States,

I wish i could say i was suprised by the results, but that would be a lie. That said, i kinda want to see a Ninjago subtheme poll, i think that could have interesting results!

By in United States,

I'd completely agree with what you said in the article, even down to the Buildable Figures! I sincerely hope that LEGO doesn't look at the poll results as it's very easy to take from it that nobody minds that we've pretty much only gotten Hoth sets from Empire, and the last thing we need is more Hoth sets.

By in United States,

I'm all for Ep I being at the bottom, but it did give us #10026 which is a gorgeous model. And regarding the buildables, the humans look strange, but I love my Grievous and my K-2SO. I get that they're not for everyone, though.

By in United Kingdom,

I don't really understand the love for the Force Awakens sets. Kylo Ren's shuttle was a major miss, and the Battle on Takodana is almost as bad. And I like X-wings and Milennium Falcons as much as the next Star Wars fan, but they're hardly massively innovative builds.

By in United Kingdom,

I chose Rogue One because I've never wanted an entire wave of sets before this wave, so if I had all the money, I would've gotten all the sets. However, I didn't really think about my descion that much, and have really enjoyed TFA, Buildable Figures and A New Hope waves, as well as having great nostalgia for some Clone Wars sets. So I guess it was recent memory (a bit) but it was also due to an inability to make an absolute choice.

By in United States,

The lack of representation for Cloud City and Dagobah is becoming a more glaring hole in the lineup. It leaves me scratching my head about ESB winning the poll, with the only explanation being that many voted based on their favorite film.

By in United Kingdom,

Given that if a poll of the actual films came out in that order it wouldn't be in the least surprising I think we can surmise that the majority of votes were based on that rather than the sets associated with each film.

And whilst I think buildable figures are not only the weakest of the Star Wars sets but the weakest of any current Lego theme, I'd still rather only be able to build them than have to watch The Phantom Menace ever again.

By in United Kingdom,

I agree that the 'Favourite movie' effect has probably skewed the results here. However, not surprised buildable figures came so low. They're always the sets I see sitting on shelves for ages, even when heavily discounted.

By in United Kingdom,

I voted a new hope I have to admit partly down to the film but also the range of sets covers the film so well. If lego produced the sets it should for ssh then it would deserve to be top. But I can't see that happening any time soon.

By in United States,

Well, although it decent for what it was, I didn't love TFA as a movie, and I really didn't care much for the sets either. Rogue One was a great movie AND every one of its sets was great, so I would have voted for it.

Takodana was just a facade, Kylo's shuttle was the wrong color (probably not TLG's fault) and just ugly, the FO transporter was oddly-proportioned (not much they could have done there, but still), and X-wings don't interest me much. Although there are many decent and a few good sets, and I own several, I can't think of any I truly love.

By in United States,

I voted Ep. IV, and stand by that vote.

UCS Star Destroyer, cantina, jawa sandcrawler, X-wing, Y-wing, TIE fighter, T-16, land speeder, escape pod, and of course the Death Star.

How do you compete with that list?

By in United States,

I personally voted for Clone Wars. Empire is my favorite movie, but the sets are just Hoth and Hoth and more Hoth and a little bit more Hoth. And the Slave One.

By in United States,

Clone Wars should have been higher.

By in United States,

Unfortunately, my vote fell to my favorite film, TESB. But hey! AT-AT's are my favorite Lego Star Wars vehicles, so that kinda justifies my pick :) In terms of sets, I probably should have chosen Clone Wars or A New Hope:P

By in Japan,

Interesting but not too surprising. I voted EPVII cause it is the one I actually have the most sets for. When comparing the EPVII sets I have with Rebels sets I have EPVII sets seem like the better sets. But my fav film is EPV. So I can totally see the halo effect of EPV working for itself here.

By in United Kingdom,

ROTJ should be in 1st. Imperial Shuttle just awesome, Home One, Battle of Endor (you got to love Chewie popping out of the AT-ST) and Ewok Village great playsets. Jabba's Palace and Rancor Pit combined !!!!!!!!! Sail Barge, Skiff, A-Wing, B-Wing, Speeder Bikes etc

By in United States,

I voted for RotJ because there has been a nice variety of different environments in the sets. Desert from Tattooine, Space from the Death Star, Forest from... the forest moon of Endor. The other movies lack that variety or the sets aren't that great.

By in United Kingdom,

I wonder whether people might have voted even more for the Clone Wars sets if they had regular head prints on the minifigures?...

I didn't think the Clone Wars film was particularly engaging, but the whole universe built by the tv series was! I think many of the models have been well-selected from the Clone Wars to be transformed into Lego over the years too - we had additional versions of the Gunship and AT-TE roughly 6 years after the originals, but we also had more unusual & fantastic designs such as Pre Viszla's Mandalorian Fighter and the Umbaran Mobile Heavy Cannon.

I could list many great designs from the Clone Wars and though it's not my favourite 'film', I gave it my vote. It's also worth mentioning that for fans tired of receiving rehashes of the same vehicles, the Clone Wars subtheme has certainly not been guilty of this - however some subthemes like Episode VII have been, even within their own lifecycles ("here, have a grey X-Wing immediately after your black one").

By in United States,

In all honesty, my vote for Empire was based not on the existing sets from the film, but the need for more sets from the film, especially anything Cloud City-related. Not sure why LEGO designers continue to focus on Hoth-related sets. Is Denmark covered in snow? :)

By in United States,

I took a different tact for this poll and checked the percentage of sets that I owned from each movie and was surprised to discover that ROTJ was the highest. Thats what got my vote.
If Huw is up for it, would love for him to compile a data set showing the general percentage of ownership for each category.

By in United States,

I voted for Empire and not because it is my favorite movie but because it gave me my favorite sets.
Yes it is under represented in terms of locations Bespin and Dagohbah but in terms of ships it stands out.
My favorite set is the UCS Executor brought to us by ESB.
Then we have the new T-47 Airspeeder and Slave One.
Then look out we have the AT-AT and AT-ST
The only hole in ESB that I want them to fill is the Nebulon B

By in Singapore,

Reading all of the above...

I'm not sure the survey is representative of anything, as I think many respondents were either a) voting for their favourite film or maybe b) their favourite sets from a particular film? For example, I love the Rebels (the figures) and Rogue One sets because they are set in A New Hope time period.

Empire is my favourite film, but beyond just a single Dagobah & Cloud City sets, it has been well repressed across multiple Hoth, Walkers, Star Destroyers and Falcon sets... Do we need more? I think everyone wants a new Yoda's Hut and Cloud City...the rest? Think it's been covered.

I actually voted for Return of the Jedi, but again, all locations, but for Yoda's Hut...have been covered. Perhaps Alliance Capital Ships (also seen in Rebels and Rogue One) and an updated B-Wing would be nice.

Likely, The Clone Wars (well represented overall) and parts of Episodes 1-3 has some big holes, such as a Droid Control Ship, Kamino, Jedi Council, Senate...

Would like LEGO to do a fan poll of what missing characters, vehicles or locations they would most like to see... Much like what they did with Toys R Us that brought us Home One and Palpatine's Arrest.

Whatever is released... good or bad, I'm hooked. If I don't have it or it's a nice update, I'll buy it!

By in Netherlands,

A long, long time ago (see what I did there), before Lego had released ANY ESB Hoth based sets (probably around 2002), I used to have recurring dreams about visiting a toystore which had a whole seperate line of Hoth based Lego sets. As one does, I always tried to buy them in my dream store, but somehow, they never ended up under my pillow. I was disappointed.
In 2003, I was absolutely chomping at the bit to get 4483: AT-AT. That still is one of my favorite Star Wars sets ever, IMHO beating out later, slimmer/smaller AT-AT's. I bought two of them, and both are still standing on display.
Nowadays, it feels like I am knee deep in Hoth sets, and there've been Hoth based sets (including those later AT-AT's!) I've bought but never yet even built.

By in Hungary,

The Original Trilogy has fantastic LEGO sets, such as:

7181 UCS TIE Interceptor
7191 UCS X-wing Fighter

7146 TIE Fighter
7166 Imperial Shuttle
10019 UCS Rebel Blockade Runner

7139 Ewok Attack

4479 TIE Bomber
4483 AT-AT
10123 Cloud City
10129 UCS Rebel Snowspeeder

4500 Rebel Snowspeeder
4501 Mos Eisley Cantina
4502 X-wing Fighter (Dagobah)
4504 Millennium Falcon
10134 UCS Y-wing Attack Starfighter

7263 TIE Fighter
7264 Imperial Inspection
10143 UCS Death Star II
10144 Sandcrawler

6206 TIE Interceptor
6207 A-wing
6208 B-Wing
6209 Slave I
6210 Jabba's Sail Barge
6211 Imperial Star Destroyer
6212 X-Wing
10174 UCS Imperial AT-ST
10175 UCS Vader's TIE Advanced

7657 AT-ST
7658 Y-wing
7659: Imperial Landing Craft
7666: Hoth Rebel Base
10178: Motorised Walking AT-AT
10179: UCS Millennium Falcon

10188 Death Star

7749 Echo Base
7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser
8017 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
8038 The Battle of Endor
10198 Tantive IV

8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack
8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack
8089 Hoth Wampa Cave
8092 Luke's Landspeeder
8097 Slave I
8129 AT-AT Walker
10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle

7879 Hoth Echo Base
7956 Ewok Attack
7965 Millennium Falcon
10221 UCS Super Star Destroyer

9489 Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack
9490 Droid Escape
9492 TIE Fighter
9493 X-wing
9495 Gold Leader's Y-wing Starfighter
9496 Desert Skiff
9516 Jabba's Palace
10225 UCS R2-D2
10227 UCS B-wing

10236 UCS Ewok Village
10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter
75003 A-wing
75005 Rancor Pit
75014 Battle of Hoth
75020 Jabba's Sail Barge

75034 Death Star Troopers
75049 Snowspeeder
75050 B-Wing
75052 Mos Eisley Cantina
75054 AT-AT
75055 Imperial Star Destroyer
75059 UCS Sandcrawler

75060 UCS Slave I
75081 T-16 Skyhopper
75093 Death Star Final Duel
75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
75095 UCS TIE Fighter
75110 Luke Skywalker (buildable figure
75111 Darth Vader (buildable figure)

75098 Assault on Hoth (well, this is not so good)
75136 Droid Escape Pod
75137 Carbon-Freezing Chamber
75138 Hoth Attack
75159 Death Star

75173 Luke's Landspeeder
75174 Desert Skiff Escape
75175 A-Wing
75531 Stormtrooper Commander (buildable figure)
75532 Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike (buildable figure)

75144 UCS Snowspeeder

By in United States,

Not sure why the results are so befuddling to some. The love of the movie inspires the love of the sets. TESB was the best movie, therefore it inspires the most love of its sets. Doesn't matter that there is only one Dagobah X-wing, it's still the best X-wing. There will never be anything cooler than an AT-AT or a taun-taun. And there only needs to be one cloud city. TFA awakens was a mediocre movie, so all I see is a pile of bricks. Rogue One was a better, but it didn't define my childhood, or my son's for that matter like the OT did. So I don't have any particular attachment to the sets. To me they might as well be the next Galaxy Squad, nice sets that I like, but nothing to get worked up about. It's all about inspiring the imagination.

By in Netherlands,

I thought the same thing when viewing results while the poll was still open: people vote for the movie, without thinking about the sets. I voted A New Hope, because of the simple fact that it is the reason we have the T65 X-Wing. I had been wanting a Lego version of that since 1988.

By in United States,

@TheBrickPal I think the reason TFA sets ranked lower than some expected is because many of the sets are rehashes of vehicles from the original trilogy (ex: First Order TIE Fighter, both resistance x-wings, the Millennium Falcon). While many of the sets are of high quality, many fail to bring anything new to the Lego Star Wars line.

By in United Kingdom,

I voted for episode 1. Really liked the last lot of sets, they are a big improvement on the first wave from 1999 when Lego first dipped into star wars.

By in Ireland,

The question was "What is your favourite sub theme", right? Not "Which SW movie has the best set coverage" or "Which sub theme have you bought the most sets from".
Why did construction figures get their own listing? All other options in the poll are movies or series. Why didn't Microfighters, Technic or Planets get a listing?

By in United States,

I actually would have thought that one of the other original trilogy films would have gotten the most based off the difference in quality of sets. For instance, many people thought last year's UCS Assault on Hoth set to be one of the worst yet, and the only cloud city set we have gotten is the $1000 set from 2003. Not to mention that the last time we got an episode V set was in summer of 2016; it has been nearly over a year.

By in United Kingdom,

I added up all the sets that I own and want from each subtheme, suggesting which theme has the highest quantity of good sets. Many of you would definitely disagree with my definition of a "good" set but oh well. Here are the results:

Episode III: Revenge - 19
Clone Wars - 11
Episode I: The Phantom Menace - 11
Rogue One - 10
Episode IV: A New Hope - 10
Episode V: Empire - 8
Episode VI: Return - 8
Episode II: Attack of the clones - 7
Extended Universe - 6
Episode VII: The Force Awakens - 5
Buildable Figures - 5
Original Content - 1
Rebels - 1

Very different from the poll results! For me, Rogue One is high because all the sets are new, so have better designs. They are also vehicles from the original trilogy (e.g. Y-Wing, AT-ST, etc.) so should really count towards other sub themes.

By in United Kingdom,

I own a lot of Clone Wars sets because at the time they were releasing sets based on content that had not been well represented previously e.g. the Geonosian Starfighter, AAT, Republic Gunship, etc. I wish they had been made under a movie subtheme instead but oh well.

They also released figures such as Aayla Secura, Ki Adi Mundi, Commander Cody and other clones. I remember picking up a magnet set with Count Dooku, Mace Windu and Yoda because the older minifigs were rare and rubbish. I was willing to look past the cartoony faces.

Fortunately Lego has released updated versions of most clone wars things like the Droid Gunship, AT-TE, AAT, Yoda, Mace Windu, Count Dooku and recently the Republic Fighter Tank and Aayla Secura. Still waiting for a Commander Cody, Ki-Adi Mundi and 501st troopers.

By in Canada,

The Phantom Menace is definitely not my favourite movie, but I was one of the few who voted for it because I want LEGO to make more prequels sets!

By in United Kingdom,

I would like to see a Lego Marvel Superheroes subtheme poll but there are a lot of them and not so many sets so it would be hard. My favourite is easily Avengers: Age of Ultron but I like others.

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