Friends Advent Calendar - Day 5

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Stephanie and Chili have had fun on the slopes, and yesterday we had a place for Chili to hang out to catch his breath. Does today's door have something behind it for Stephanie to take a break, or will there be something else for her to cross off her to do list?

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The answer is neither! Today Stephanie gets another animal companion. This time it's Toffee the pug. Toffee has been seen in a few sets before, most recently in 41306 Mia's Beach Scooter.

Toffee is very cute, but I'm disappointed there's nothing to build today, even if it is just a couple of bricks like we had with Chili's introduction.


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By in United Kingdom,

My daughter was running late this morning so left her calendar to open when she gets home from school. I genuinely have no idea if she will be happy with this or not!

By in United States,

Toffee is cute and my daughter loves pugs, but like you said it's disappointing they didn't throw in at least a small build to accompany him. Tonight's project will be building Toffee a proper dog house, w/a wreath to match Chili's humble home. So far our first Friends Advent Calendar is a "meh." Good thing it was a gift that I didn't have to spend my money on lol.

By in Spain,

Very dissapointing!!

By in Belgium,

My daughter was quite meh about this. Lazy as usual in the Friends calendar. Doesn't anyone ever meet the designers? Would it ve rude to ask if they're running some sort of least effort challenge?

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