Friends Advent Calendar - Day 7

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We're now one week into the advent calendar. I want to take a minute to recognize CapnRex101, who is the source of the images that you've been seeing at the top of each of the advent calendar entries so the surprises aren't spoiled for anyone scrolling through the news feed. Thanks, Capn!

Back in the advent calendar world, Stephanie, Chili and Toffee have been having a great time on the slopes (all appropriately sized for each of them!). As we finish the first week of the calendar, what will we find in the next door?

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Today we have another little build, this time a dog house for Toffee. It's clear that it's for Toffee because of the dog bone at the top. Like Chili's hutch, Toffee's house is decorated with a wreath that also has a red flower.

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Toffee also looks quite comfortable. But, hmmmm. This is getting to look like a trend. And with the extra flowers that come with each wreath, I think we may have quite a supply of extra red flowers at the end of this calendar.


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By in Costa Rica,

Largest build so far...???

As usual, the Friends calendar is utterly disappointing.

The City and Star Wars calendars are in a different league.

By in United Kingdom,

Last year we were disappointed that the Friends calendar lacked substance and, if I recall, had very little "Christmasy" themed items. Well there's a bit more Christmas/winter this year so far but the substance is still severely lacking - Toffee and today's build should have come together as one day not split across two days. Is it ideas they are lacking in terms of product or are they genuinely trying to put as little in as possible to maximise their profits? Personally I see these calendars as an excellent marketing opportunity - as much as you want to reward your loyal customers by offering unique and even exclusive or rare items in the calendars (as they often do with the minifigure selection in Star Wars) it is also an excellent opportunity to capture new customers too. If I was a kid who was gifted this and hadn't bought into the range previously then Lego are wasting the opportunity of making me inspired and interested in the theme as I would think every set would be as meagre as these are!

On a separate note - Friends has so far had one mini-doll and two v. small animals - Star Wars has had three mini-figures with more to come I am certain. I always believed the price difference in the calendars was a direct reflection of the licence payments but there certainly seems to be "more bang for your buck" in the SW one so far and I'm not holding out for that position to change... Very sad state of affairs...

Now, don't get me wrong - my daughter enjoys opening her calendar, for the minute, but her brother's sits right next to and it really doesn't seem to be that they are remotely level in terms of what they are offering. On day one she was downstairs in the morning and desperate to open it - a week in and it's not being opened until after she's got change having come home from school...

Just observations - I hate whinging and seeming ungrateful so it probably says a lot that I consider it disappointing enough for me to write a short essay!!

By in Australia,

Isn't that the exact same model as the bunny rabbit had, a week ago?

By in Germany,

This is the first year we haven't bought the Friends Advent Calender, and going by what I see from the reviews, I am glad we made that decision. Our daughters don't miss it one bit, after the measly experience last year, and even the year before that, which wasn't great either.
So glad we got the City calender instead. What a difference.

By in Indonesia,

Wow, cutest dog house in the world :)

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