City Advent Calendar: Day 6

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I think the 2017 City Advent Calendar has been excellent so far, including a splendid selection of distinctive models. However, we have not seen a minifigure since day two so perhaps we will find another one behind door number six.

In fact, today's gift is a delightful toy plane! This model looks superb in red and black, resembling 60144 Race Plane and including all the details one would expect to find on a real propeller aircraft. The tapered wing configuration is very realistic and the trans-clear dish that forms the propeller, captured in mid-rotation, looks marvellous.

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The fuselage consists primarily of three black headlight bricks. This construction technique narrows the profile of the aircraft as the cockpit and tailplane are sunk into the fuselage, just like on most real planes. I like the trans-medium blue cockpit canopy, formed using two 1x1 slopes, in particular and was pleasantly surprised by the sturdy design of the model. It can certainly be flown around without fear of easy breakage.

Overall - 5.0 - This tiny plane looks brilliant and offers considerable play value so receives full marks from me!


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9 comments on this article

By in Russian Federation,

Wow, it's awesome.

By in Denmark,

Wow, I am so pleased I went with this calendar over BB8 in a Santa Hat, really enjoying it thus far!

By in United Kingdom,

This is the best model today and possibly the best so far?

By in Australia,

In our household, the little one is opening Friends, I am opening Star Wars and the wife is opening City.

After 6 so far City is certainly far out in front in terms of offerings.

Star Wars has been ok, especially after today, Friends on the other hand has been pretty ordinary.

By in Slovenia,

I was indeed chuffed when building this! As opposed to the Friends one... This is definitely one cool plane.

By in United States,

Very nifty little build! My oldest boy thought it was awesome and, like the reviewer, I thought it was expertly laid out as a micro build.

By in Germany,

Nice one. Love the turning propeller effect achieved with the dish.

By in Netherlands,

Really nice little build. I like how they did the propellor. In my opinion the best build so far, so the 5.0 rating you have given is well deserved.

By in United States,

This little plane is an awesome mini-model. 5.0 for sure.

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